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Acoustic Energy Loudspeaker Stands (Pair)

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  • $399

Designed to compliment the AE1 Active, 500 and 300 Series models both in looks and performance.

Rather than just an aesthetic match to the our loudspeakers, the “Speaker Stand” is a true performance product in its own right. Most stands fall into one of two camps – stiff and light, giving a speaker life and “bounce” while sometimes losing out a little in outright bass weight – or mass-heavy, giving solid and powerful bass while sometimes robbing a speaker of some life in the higher frequencies.

The Speaker Stand is different, and better. It offers the best of both worlds – relatively mass-light to ensure speakers retain an upbeat and lively nature. Included with the stand are our isolating speaker support pads, offering a perfect performance coupling between speaker and top-plate without need for cabinet-damaging spikes.

Technical Specifications
Bottom Plate Dimensions (mm): 650 x 235 x 300 (HxWxD maximum dimension of base plate/column)
Top Plate Dimensions (mm): 144 x 209 (WxD)
Height (mm): 650 (exc. spikes)
Weight: 7.5kg (each) 
Finishes: Black stand with central insert available in Piano Walnut, Piano Ebony, Piano Black, Piano White, Piano Cherry and Walnut (500 / 300 Series)