Fatman Fatboy 2 Speakers (One Pair)

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The Fatman Fatboy 2 speakers are the most recent version of these unique hand crafted egg-shaped 2-way loudspeakers. They feature excellent sound quality and sound wave dispersion properties that allow them to fill even medium to larger listening spaces with music.

Despite their compact dimensions, each Fatboy is a full range loudspeaker and will provide superlative audio performance from their radical, breath-taking design. The specially tuned egg-shaped enclosures prevents resonance and includes a powerful 5" woofer and 1" neodymium tweeter. They are bi-wirable and even magnetically shielded to allow positioning next to a computer screen or TV. 

The Fatboy 2's are an ideal partner for your Fatman amplifier, or indeed for any other hi-fi separates and are a stylish and eye turning addition to any well furnished listening room. Radical design and radical sound!

Frequency response: 60-22kHz ±3db
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 85 db 1 watt/1 meter
Recommended RMS Power: 25 watts per channel
Tweeter: 1.5” silk, shielded dome
Bass-mid: 5.25”, kevlar cone shielded
Crossover frequency 4.5 kHz
Dimensions: 300 m tall, 240 mm wide and 300 mm deep
Weights: Single Base: 0.79 kgs
Single speaker : 1.56 kgs

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