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Grado SR-125i Headphones

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Grado SR-125i Headphones

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About the Grado SR125i

Affordable audiophile headphones

No matter what your taste in music, the Grado SR125i headphones can make your tunes sound better. They deliver classic Grado sound in spades — intimate midrange with full-bodied vocals, sparkling-clear highs, and tight, punchy bass. Their sense of warmth and immediacy may occasionally startle you. We think these 'phones make an outstanding value for audiophiles on a budget. You can easily drive them using the headphone outputs on most home audio systems, and they even work great with your portable player or laptop using Grado's optional miniplug adapter. They also benefit nicely from the addition of a headphone amplifier.

Born in Brooklyn and built to perform

Each pair of SR125i headphones is still made right in Brooklyn, New York where the Grado family has been building award-winning audio gear for almost 60 years. Like all Grado headphones, the SR125i uses a vented "open-air" earcup design with large, non-resonant air chambers for powerful, extended low frequency response and a more open, spacious sound. The diaphragm in each driver has been put through a special "de-stressing" process that allows it to deliver more music detail for an even larger soundstage. A beefy, eight-conductor connecting cable and ultra-high purity copper voice coils give these 'phones a refined, ultra-smooth top end and dynamic, yet tightly controlled bass.

Product highlights:

  • open-back, on-the-ear design with replaceable ear cushions

  • vented diaphragms (open-air) for spacious, low-distortion sound and extended bass response

  • special "de-stressed" diaphragms provide enhanced levels of inner detail for a more open soundstage

  • eight-conductor connecting cable for tighter, more controlled sound

  • adjustable headband for a custom fit

  • driver pairs matched to within 0.1 dB for better stereo imaging

  • ultra-high purity, long-crystal copper (UHPLC) voice coils for smoother sound and greater accuracy

  • 67" eight-conductor copper headphone cable terminated with a 1/4" plug (optional Grado 1/8" miniplug adapter available)

  • optional 15-foot Grado headphone extension cable available

  • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz

  • sound pressure level (at 1mW): 98 dB

  • impedance: 32 ohms